Dear Olivia Performance Reviews

Dear Olivia is woven so deeply and beautifully with the art and video that by the end of the night, I was moved to tears. I watched this days before my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and felt that I watched both of our growing and changing on the stage in front of me. The dancers were not just dancing the exquisite choreography, they were telling the archetypal story of our lives.”

-Julie Leavitt
Adjunct Professor of Dance-Movement Therapy at Lesley College
Spiritual Director for Hebrew College Rabbinical School



“I found Dear Olivia interesting and original. I especially liked the dancing and sets. The choreography was exciting, and the themes of female relationships and aging were emotionally striking. Kudos to all!”

-Daniel Gidron
Associate Director, Nora Theatre



“Joanie Block’s Dear Olivia was a wonderful residency and dance performance at the Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston. As the producer, she brought together a top-notch team of set designer, composer, videographer and dancers. She combined these elements with her lovely choreography to create a piece that was both evocative and beautiful.”

-Barrie Keller
Director, Arts & Ideas Dept. at Leventhal-Sidman
Jewish Community Center



“‘Dear Olivia’…so rich, lush, and layered….visuals and choreography beautifully woven together.”

-Carol Sereda
Director, Carol Sereda Dancework